Something, somewhere along the line went wrong, there’s a disparity in my memory recall and I can’t think of what it is.

Sometimes I’m warmed by the fact that if someone was to ask me what my passion was, I could answer it in a second. ‘Filmmaking’, the fact that I know that along with my family and dwindling friends I can name my passion in an instant. Professionally, I’m not in an industry that shares a single characteristic to creativity, but I’ve forced it in during my time there. I think the professional environment works better with a smile and a focus on bringing the best out of people, not neccesarily the best out of process (Although if you get the best out of people the latter follows in due course). I digress.

I’ve already told you about the first script I wrote over six months, sending it to just one person. A girl, Amanda.

The next one is currently underway, it’s an idea I’ve had for five years now. I came up with it when I was finishing my first script. I typed out a one pager that outlined a guy who makes an escape, an unlikely escape from the life he’s living. It carried to itself a Holden Caulfield meets Tyler Durden feel, probably an over burdened cliche but I thought what would be intersting would be to see what happens with power when it’s given up in search of something more. That’s what my life has been about to this day, I needed to find out what life was really like when you stripped it away to nothing. I’ve peeled back every layer and as I do so I find more and more layers which start folding back as if I have started something, generated enough movements that these layers are peeling back by themselves.

After I have this one page outline, typed up in courier new size 12, I leave the idea and forget about it for a while. Putting it on the backburner as I constantly revise my first script. Endless cups of coffee and Marlboro cigarettes, missed university lectures and job interviews later and I have it, 96 pages of love, rebellion, adventure, heartache and did I mention love.


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